The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society (HKACS)

Application for Grant on Novel Research and/or Community Project on Cancer

General Guideline

  1. Aim
    To support principal investigator employed by Hospital Authority, local universities or HKSAR Government to undertake novel research and/or community project on cancer, the result of which should have high clinical impact or significance.

  2. Amount of Grant
    The amount of grant normally does not exceed HK$200,000 unless with special approval. A higher amount or extension of funding will be granted under exceptional circumstances

  3. Principal Investigator and Institution
    The Principal Investigator will be responsible to HKACS and the Institution (organization with which the Principal investigator is associated/employed) for all technical aspects of the work referred in the approved project, and is the grant holder. He/she should be employed by the Hospital Authority, local universities or HKSAR Government.

  4. Payments
    The grant can only be used for the approved project and in accordance with the proposed expenditure items. It must not be used for any other purposes without the prior approval of HKACS. Payment is made monthly in all related expenditure on certified invoices presented to the Hon. Treasurer. Procurement should follow own hospital/institution's procurement procedure.

  5. Equipment and Supplies
    Equipment acquired under the agreement will normally become the property of the Institution.  Only in exceptional circumstances, and with the consent of the Institution, may special equipment be transferred elsewhere, provided it is no longer required at the original Institution. The Principal Investigator and the Institution are responsible for the care and maintenance of equipment provided.  Funds provided by HKACS should not be used for the running, maintenance, repairs or current insurance costs of permanent equipment, except as otherwise agreed by HKACS.  Consumable supplies and equipment required exclusively for the project being supported, including chemicals, reagents, animals and animal foods, and other special items, may be purchased with HKACS funds. Office equipment including desktop computer usually will not be supported.

  6. Reports
    The Principal Investigator should submit an annual report not later than mid-October to HKACS on his/her work.  These reports should be forwarded through the Institution and HKACS should be informed of any major change or significant deviation from the activity covered by the original agreement for re-approval.  Such reports should summarize the present state of the project and should give the positive and negative findings of the work.  Financial statement should also be submitted each year at the same time when submitting the annual report.

  7. Publication
    The Institution or Principal Investigator may publish in any reputable journal the results of their work. Although HKACS shall not be responsible for the work published, all such publications should carry a footnote as follows:

    “This investigation was sponsored by The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society.”  Three copies of the published work should be sent to HKACS. In the event of publicizing the result of the project in mass media, the support by HKACS should be acknowledged.

  8. Departure or Change of Principal Investigator
    Should the Principal Investigator leave the Institution with which the agreement is made, or cease to be involved in the project, the Institution must notify HKACS which shall have the right to terminate the agreement.  The project may be continued if another Principal Investigator is appointed by the Institution subject to the agreement of HKACS.

  9. Relationship between the Principal Investigator and HKACS
    The Principal Investigator and staff employed by the agreed project are not employees of HKACS and are not entitled to any rights under the Employment Ordinance and the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme Ordinance as well as other benefits to which an employee is legally entitled.

  10. Patent Right
    The disposition and administration of right in any invention or patent thereon, resulting from or developed in the course of HKACS assisted project, should (a) protect the public interest, and (b) give the invention the widest possible royalty free distribution.

  11. Miscellaneous
    Research projects team should acquire/supply a letter from the Research Ethics Committee (REC) of their respective institution(s) that such project had sought and received clearance on the project by the Committee.  Such letter is not mandatory with the application submission; but it must be supplied upon project approval or else the approval would be withdrawn.  In the event that the project involves experiment on laboratory animals, appropriate licenses should be obtained.

  12. Deadline
    Please return the application form on or before 31 August 2018 to:-

    Miss Iris Leung
    Chief Executive Officer
    The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society
    30 Nam Long Shan Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
    Tel: 3921 3821      Fax: 3921 3822

    Should you have any enquiries, please contact our Education officer, Ms Franky Chen by phone 3921 3860 or by email

Note: It is the responsibility of applicants to take necessary steps to ensure that their application has been received by HKACS by the deadline.


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