HKACS Dr & Mrs Michael SK Mak Integrated Chemotherapy Centre

Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine on Cancer Treatment
The benefits of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine on cancer treatments have been well recognized in recent years. Many undesirable side effects from chemotherapy & radiotherapy treatments have been found reduced by the use of Chinese medicine, hence improving cancer patients’ quality of life.

With the generous donation from Dr & Mrs Michael SK Mak, the Society was able to set up an Integrated Chemotherapy Centre in September 2012.

Our Integrated Chemotherapy Centre operates on a cost-recovery basis. It enables cancer patients to receive joint consultation conducted by our Centre Oncologist and a Chinese Medicine Practitioner from our HKACS-HKBU Chinese Medicine Centre at the same time in the same consultation room. The two doctors will be able to jointly design a coordinated treatment regime suitable to the cancer patient. With our unique services, the HKACS Dr & Mrs Michael SK Mak Integrated Chemotherapy Centre has been recognized as a pioneer centre in Hong Kong providing truly integrated Western and Chinese medicine service for cancer patients.

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