HKACS-HKBU Chinese Medicine Centre & HKACS Traditional Chinese Medicine Charity Programme

The Society has been collaborating with the Hong Kong Baptist University School of Chinese Medicine in the operation of the HKACS-HKBU Chinese Medicine Centre (CMC) at the HKACS premises since March 2009.

Comprehensive Chinese Medicine Service
The CMC specializes in the provision of consultation and treatments to cancer patients in addition to general Chinese medicine services. It provides Chinese medicine services to out-patients in a clinic setting as well as to in-patients of the HKACS Jockey Club Cancer Rehabilitation Centre (JCCRC). Starting from early 2014, the Chinese medicine service provided to our JCCRC patients was further enhanced by provision to each patient of a free initial assessment by a Chinese medicine practitioner upon admission.

The services available at the CMC are comprehensive including:

  1. Prescription and decoction of Chinese herbal medicine
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Traditional Chinese Physical Therapies (Tui na)
  4. Moxibustion
  5. "Tian Jiu (天灸)" therapy, etc.
Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Service
Our experience showed that Chinese Medicine can effectively assist cancer patients in cancer recovery and help to relieve pains and other side effects suffered by patients in the course of cancer treatments. In September 2012, the Society opened the HKACS Dr & Mrs Michael SK Mak Integrated Chemotherapy Centre. HKBU is the main clinical collaborator in providing Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine services at the Chemotherapy Centre as well. An experienced Chinese medicine practitioner from the CMC will attend to cancer patients together with the Chemotherapy Centre Oncologist to provide joint consultations, give advices and prescribe treatments to the patients, so as to achieve truly integrated Chinese and Western Medicine service to cancer patients. For details, please contact the HKACS Dr & Mrs Michael SK Mak Integrated Chemotherapy Centre

Enquiry & Booking
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Fax: 3921 3892
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