In 2013, there were around 14 million of new cases and 8.2 million of deaths found all over the world. Cancer is an active killer worldwide, including in Hong Kong. According to the Hong Kong Cancer Registry, total 30,318 of new cancer cases were diagnosed, surpassing the 30,000mark for the first time in history, and 14,316 deaths were recorded in 2015.
The most frequent cancer diagnosed for both genders combined in order were cancers of colorectum, lung, breast, prostate and liver. Colorectal cancer has been ranked the top for the third consecutive year. It is predictable that the number of new cases will continue to rise as shown in the chart below. Furthermore, pancreatic cancer was the first time to be the 4th leading cause of cancer deaths.
Patients’ median age at cancer diagnosis was 68 years in men and 62 years in women. Almost 1 in 4 men and 1 in 5 women will attain cancer before the age of 75. The male to female ratio of diagnosing cancer was 1.03 to 1, comparing with the ratio of 10 years ago as 1.18 to 1. The cancer figure reminds us that cancers may attack anyone of us silently and suddenly. We have to prepare ourselves by learning more about cancers and their prevention without delay.

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