Stomach cancer is more likely to occur in men than in women, in 2012, it is the 5th most common cancer among men while it ranks the 9th among women. It has a total of 1113 new cases found in 2012, which is similar to the previous years. Stomach cancer is related to poor eating habits, consuming too much processed food is one of the causes of it. Besides, an infection caused by bacteria called Helicobacter pylori is also a common risk factor of stomach cancer.

Early screening tests can help preventing or detecting stomach cancers, examinations like oseophago-gastrodudenoscopy (OGD) or imaging tests like CT scan and PET scan can be done to confirm the diagnose and the stages of it. However, the prognosis is not good for people who are suffering from stomach cancer. There are 4 stages of stomach cancer; the 5-year survival for a curative resection is 30-50% for stage II cases, lower if the staging is higher.

This booklet tells you more about the risk factors, the information on Helicobacter pylori, signs and symptoms of stomach cancer, its diagnosis, treatment methods and their complications accordingly. The interesting part of this book is not only does it recommend the diet for prevention of stomach cancer, it also suggests what stomach cancer patients should or should not eat, a few healthy recipes are recommended for your reference.

Stomach Cancer