Woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer has increased rapidly over the past ten years. The median age with the disease diagnosed is around 50 years old in Hong Kong. It is also the third most deadly cancer among woman population in Hong Kong. These worrying numbers remind women it is time to pay more attention on this topic.

Besides an unhealthy lifestyle, late menopause, woman without childbirth or breastfeeding also increases the chance of developing breast cancer. Early detection can maximize the prognosis of breast cancer. Breast Self-Examination is encouraged to perform by every woman regularly, if there is any abnormalities found (breast lumps, nipple discharged, skin changes), clinical breast examination and mammography should be performed as soon as possible.

Mastectomy, Breast Conservation Treatment can be done to remove the primary breast tumor; some cases may be followed by radiotherapy to reduce the chance of recurrence. Other treatment methods like chemotherapy and hormonal therapy are also useful in treating breast cancer.

Based on the researches and statistics conducted in Hong Kong and the practical situations encountered by Hong Kong patients, this book uses a very interactive approach to introduce breast cancer and its treatments. In the format of Questions and Answers, in order to let the public understand this complicated disease more easily.

Breast Cancer