Lung cancer has been the most common cancer and leading cause of cancer death in Hong Kong for both men and women since the HK Cancer Registry opened in 1983. The high mortality rate is due to late presentation as majority of patients do not have symptoms when the disease is still at its early stages. In 2012, HK Cancer Registry recorded 4,610 new cases (16.6% of all new cases) and 3,893 deaths (29.2% of overall deaths).

Link of smoking to lung cancer has been recorded for hundreds of years. The landmark study was carried out in the UK by Doll and Hill. It was a prospective study of 40,000 male doctors that compared cigarette consumption with lung cancer deaths, finding a strong dose response relationship.

In HK, smoking prevalence in lung cancer cases was 70% overall (90% in men & 17% in women). Environmental tobacco smoke is found to be carcinogenic too. Although it’s difficult to quantify the exposure, the increased risk is estimated to be about 24%.

As lung cancer has such a high incidence and mortality rate. Public should increase their awareness towards this disease starting at a young age. This booklet gives you information on the prevention, screening methods, classifications, clinical symptoms, diagnostic tests, staging and treatment plans for lung cancer.

Lung Cancer

HKACS lung cancer patients educatiion handbook_occupational therapist

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