Over the past 25 years, incidence rate of colorectal cancer is in an uprising trend, with an average increase of 2.6% annually. In 2012, colorectal cancer is the second cancer killer in Hong Kong, with 1903 numbers of deaths recorded. It is also the second most common cancer in both male and female, a total of 4563 new cases were found. Some common clinical presentations of colorectal cancer include change of bowel habit, abnormality stool observed (narrow shaped/ red or dark blood in stool), abdominal pain, fatigue, etc. Cancer screening like colonoscopy could be done if one is over 50 years old and repeat regularly according to the findings. Colorectal cancer often develops from colonic polyps, colonoscopy can help removing these polyps and biopsy tests can be performed to determine its nature.

Once colorectal cancer is confirmed, over 80% of them can be cured by combination of colectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or targeted therapy. However, a stoma may be left as a consequence of the treatment. Patient and patient’s relatives have to learn about the care of it and psychological counseling may be needed to let them accept this new part of the body.

This book is very informative which is written by many experts specialized in different fields, including doctors, nurses, dietitian and statistician. It talks about the incidence, trend, risk factors, symptoms, preventions, diet principle and different treatment methods of colorectal cancers. It also educates people about stoma care and other nursing cares for colorectal cancer patients.

Colorectal Cancer