Lymphedema may seem to be a lingering shadow for most breast cancer recovering patients. You may start thinking about all possible ways to prevent it from happening before you could take a break from all the treatments you have just received. If it is unstoppable, you will still try your best to figure out ways to get rid of it.

Although lymphedema must have caused you frustration and it may not be completely curable, it is not life threatening. Hopefully the information in this booklet can help you increase the knowledge and treatment methods of lymphedema, giving you confidence to handle it but not being controlled by it.


Brain tumor is not a very common cancer; it is not one of the top 10 caner killers in Hong Kong. 218 new cases with 93 death cases were recorded in 2012. Its recovery chance actually reaches around 60% if it is detected earlier. However, the causes of it still remain uncertain.

There are mainly two types of malignant brain tumors, primary and secondary. Primary starts in the cells of the brain while secondary is transferred from another part of the body through bloodstream. As different parts of brain responsible for different functions, patients with brain tumors may present different signs and symptoms. Some may have seizure, tinnitus, vomiting, limbs numbness or loss of memory. Diagnosis should be confirmed with scanning like MRI scan and NM scan then suitable treatments like operation, chemotherapy or radiotherapy should be given according to the needs of patients.

This booklet gives a general picture of brain tumors, it includes the trend, brain anatomy, signs and symptoms, types of tumors, diagnostic tests and treatments in order to increase public’s understanding towards this disease and diminish their fear towards brain tumors.

Brain Tumor

Cervical cancer is the 8th most common cancer among female, accounts for 3.4% of all cancers in women. The median age of incidence is 53 years old. Cervical cancer is closely related to HPV infection. Women who practice early sex, unsafe sex or having multi-sex partners are more prone to cervical cancers. If someone got infected with HPV, with early detection, it is highly curable. It usually takes 5-8 years for an infected cervix to become cancerous.

For confirmed cervical cancers, stage I and stage II cases usually have 65-96% of 5-year survival rate after appropriate treatments while 35-50% for stage III cases and 15-20% for stage IV cases.

This booklet introduces the pathology, risk factors, screening tests and their abnormal findings, methods of prevention, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, staging, treatment methods and their complications and recurrence rate of cervical cancers. It also suggested some Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) where women can receive screening tests for gynecological matters.

Cervical Cancer

Ovarian Cancer is the seventh most common cancer worldwide; it is also the sixth most common cancer in Hong Kong. There are more than four hundred new cancer cases each year, mostly diagnosed after menopause with 51 years old the median age of incidence. This booklet introduces the risk factors, diagnostic methods, staging and treatments of Ovarian Cancer.

Ovarian Cancer

Thyroid cancers diagnosed in Hong Kong are usually found early, with the advancement of treatments, they are highly curable. Therefore the mortality of thyroid cancers is rather low in Hong Kong. However, due to the slow growing nature of the tumor, regular follow up is essential to prevent cancer recurrence. This booklet mainly introduces the causes, classifications, trends and treatments of thyroid cancers.

Thyroid Cancer

According to the statistics conducted by Hong Kong Cancer Registry, some women related cancers have been increasing consistently over the past decade; they are breast cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer. Among all, breast cancer ranks the top in the most common cancer of women. These cancers are usually diagnosed between 51-54 years old; it is comparatively young as the median incidence age of all cancers in women is 61 years old.

This book is written collaboratively by seven experienced doctors in the hope of increasing public awareness towards woman related cancers. It talks about the trends, risk factors, screening methods, staging and treatment methods for breast cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer. Recipes that help to prevent cancers are also suggested at the back of the book by a registered dietitian.

Women related cancers