Back Row (from left to right)
Ms. Iris Leung, Ms. May Tsui, Ms. Cheung Pui-lan, Mrs. Agnes Wong, Dr. Rico Liu,
Mr. Andrew Cheng, Prof. Sydney Tang, Dr. Anthony Ying, Dr. Wilson Lee,
Mr. Eric Cheung, Dr. Tung Yuk, Dr. Rebecca Yeung, Ms. Betty Liu

Front Row (from left to right)
Dr. Elizabeth Wang, Dr. Y. F. Poon, Dr. Cheung Ying-yau, Mrs. Mariana Cheng,
Dr. C. H. Leong, Mrs. Patricia Chu, Mrs. Nina Lam, Prof. Anne Lee, Dr. Pamela Leung
Dr. LEONG Che-hung, GBM, GBS, OBE, JP
Hon. Vice-presidents
Dr. Ina CHAN Un-chan, BBS
Mrs. Mariana CHENG, BBS, JP
Dr. CHEUNG Ying-yau
Dr. Ko Wing Man, GBS, JP
Mrs. Nina LAM, MH
Mrs. Kathryn LOUEY, SBS
Hon. Advisor
Mr. WAN Man-yee, BBS, JP
Executive Committee
Hon. Secretary
Hon. Treasurer
Hon. Legal Advisor
Ms. May TSUI
Hon. Auditor
Chang Leung Hui & Li C.P.A. Limited Certified Public Accountants