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Date: 2021-08-31
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Dear friend:

For cancer patients who need self-financed drugs but have financial difficulties, if their drug assistance suddenly "disappeared", it is not hard to imagine how stressed and hopeless they feel. The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society (HKACS) has been busy following up on a group of cancer patients facing this kind of situation recently. If left unresolved, these patients may have to halt or give up their treatment. Hiu-yan, coping with her third breast cancer diagnosis within five years while remaining tough and strong, is one of the affected patients that urgently needs support.

Hiu-yan's husband, the breadwinner of the family, suffered from a stroke over ten years ago. Since then, Hiu-yan has been taking care of her husband and two young daughters with the limited financial aid provided by the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme of the Hong Kong Government. Life is getting harder and harder when she was subsequently diagnosed with cancer in both her breasts. The arduous anti-cancer journey and the ever-growing burden of life have been posing a heavy weight on her shoulders.

Nevertheless, she managed to grit her teeth and went through the surgeries and chemotherapies time after time: "There were many times I thought I couldn't carry on anymore. But then my daughters came to my mind, and I told myself it is too early for them to lose their mother. That is why I can, and I must stay strong."

Sadly, Hiu-yan's breast cancer recurred at the end of last year. It was more complicated than before and her doctor recommended a combination of chemotherapy and targeted therapy. The bad news came as a thunderbolt to her as the targeted therapy drug prescribed is a self-financed item. The estimated cost of the entire treatment would be over one hundred thousand dollars, an amount she would not even dare to think about.

"A medical social worker referred me to the Apple Daily Charitable Foundation. But soon the Foundation announced the cease of normal function." At the time our social worker approached Hiu-yan, she has already prepared for the worst – borrowing money for her treatment. "Some cancer comrades are willing to lend me some money, but I know that they also suffer certain financial hardship, and no matter how hard my family and I tried to tighten our belt, we would only be able to pay the money back bit by bit, a few hundred to a thousand dollar per month maximum. I don’t want to burden others but I have no other choice."

After understanding of Hiu-yan's situation and needs thoroughly, the HKACS team quickly processed her application, and our "Prof. H.C. Ho Memorial Medical Assistance Programme" eventually offered her full financial support. Established in 2006, the Programme has already helped more than 6,000 cancer patients in need with drugs amounted to over 400 million dollars in total.

To help more desperate cancer patients like Hiu-yan who are losing drug subsidies or cannot afford self-financed drugs, I sincerely hope that you can make a donation to our Medical Assistance Programme today. Your wonderful gift will brighten up their journey in fighting against cancer for sure.

With your generous support, we can tide cancer patients and their families over difficult times. On behalf of every patient we are able to help because of you, thank you very much. And we wish you and your loved ones good health and happiness.

Warmest regards,
Agnes WONG
Chairman of Betterment Fund Committee

P.S. If you are aware of any cancer patients in need of drug subsidies or other assistance, please contact us at 3921 3821. As always, HKACS is committed to the well-being of cancer patients and their families. Thank you.

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